Biodata HR offers analysis and assessment services for employees for a range of positions, starting from senior management roles, through middle management roles and finally professional positions

As part of professional assessment we identify the occupational DNA in the organization, the uniqueness of the position and the managerial style, in order that the placement shall be smart and accurate. The recruiting manager and the human resources representatives on behalf of the recruiting company are partners throughout the process, which offers us immediate consultation with professionals and to perfect the profile.

We offer:

  • Professional, corporate and managerial assessment designated for a variety of positions in the organization, in order to receive an impression from the final candidates.

  • Assessment of senior managers: designated for placement for senior managers as CEOs, Deputy CEOs, directors and senior unit managers

  • Assessment centers: suitable for testing homogeneous groups of 4-8 candidates for the same position in the company or for testing the managerial potential among existing employees

  • Initial testing: speedy personality assessment, carried out via the internet for positions that require a fast initial assessment or if there is a problem with performing a full assessment



We can compose a course of tests pursuant to the nature of the position and the requirements of the organization.

The assessment includes tests during some 6 hours composed of:

  1. Personality and intelligence tests transferred by the internet, which can be carried out from home

  2. Personality and functional ability tests which are conducted at the institute and are customized to the requirements of the position

  3. Psychological interview

  4. Corporate/managerial behavioral simulation


At the end of the process the organization receives an integrative report summarizing the suitability of the candidate.



A discrete and high quality process for testing a limited number of candidates, designated for positions of CEOs, Deputy CEOs, directors and senior unit managers.


The assessment includes two parts: the first part of the test is transferred via the internet, whereby the candidate carries them out at home, and the second part is conducted at the institute, and includes a behavioral test and in depth psychological interview.


The assessment centres are designed to test a homogenous group of 4-8 candidates for the same position in the company, or for testing the managerial potential amongst existing employees. The process, in which a representative of the recruiting company participates as an observer, enables an accurate picture of the candidate.


The assessment centre takes some 4 hours, in which the candidates contend with:

  • Situations of uncertainty and conflicts

  • Teamwork and interpersonal communications

  • Managerial ability and motivation for complex processes

  • Corporate ability and thinking

  • Conducting negotiations

  • Other characteristics required for the defined position


The presence of a representative on behalf of the company during the assessment centre process allows accurate and smart decision making.



The objective of the test: to enable speedy personality assessment of the position for which an initial fast assessment is required or if there is a problem to carry out a full assessment.

The initial testing is transferred via the internet thus it can be carried out from home, and it enables receipt of an initial and computerized expert opinion of the candidate within one and a half hours.


The content of the test: a series of intelligence and personality tests which provide a picture regarding the intellectual, style and functioning, interpersonal abilities and personality data of the candidate. Among the aspects of the tests: learning ability, work style, integration within a framework, personality stability, responsibility and mental health.


The advantages of the tool: saves assessment costs for candidates who are unsuitable, allows speedy assessment and selection that prevents loss of candidates due to the length of the process.

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