Amir Rubin has been accompanying the Dr. Fischer group personally for more than 20 years in all matters relating to placements and assessments for a wide range of positions: from mid-managers to the most senior positions in the group, both as a former partner in the Tema Group and as CEO of Biodata HR. Amir is a first class professional and has considerable experience in his field, is familiar with and updated in a very wide range of areas of occupational and activity arenas, in every dimension relevant to his field.


Amir excels in his admirable professional integrity and although he engages in both placement and assessment he will never compromise on the qualities/placements of the candidate in order to progress placement even if this is sometimes a frustrating and lengthy process when there are no appropriate candidates.

Amir is pleasant, courteous, and very attentive to the customer’s needs; he is always available and responds rapidly and is involved personally in every process/placement and offers good advice when required regarding the organizational structure and complex personnel issues.

Amir and the team who help him operationally and professionally can be of great assistance to any manager wishing to improve the placement and organizational processes in his organization, in particular during a period in which the market is almost fully saturated and there is considerable competition for every suitable candidate.

Moshe Zilberstein, CEO Dr. Fischer Pharmaceuticals

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As the incoming CEO of a new company, I gave Amir and his team the most critical task for success – recruitment and placement of the new and top quality management team for <3e by Shufersal group. I received accuracy in the recruitment process of VPs and managers, a shared, extraordinary and professional work process, unique head hunting, while using all the digital measures currently in use and mainly a feeling of confidence and control that at the end of the process I would receive what I want and need.

Uri Waterman, CEO <3e by Shufersal

Juul Labs is a start up company from San Francisco whereby its vision is to eliminate cigarettes from the world and improve the lives of smokers and their families. On the expansion of the company outside of the United States Israel has been selected to be the first market launched. The company, that had been operating in start up mode and grew by hundreds of percent in a year, needed a fast solution and particularly high quality recruitment.


The company’s brief was to recruit first class professionals, in order to provide the appropriate infrastructures also as regards human resources. The company’s creed is to bring in the best people in the fields who understand and connect with the ambitious vision and who are capable of working in the dynamic of a fast start up, launching a challenging market and almost absolute independence.


Amir Rubin and his team at Biodata HR were selected, after a review of the many companies in Israel, to lead the recruitment of the key people such as VPs and middle managers. For this purpose Biodata HR integrated in an in-depth process for identification of key candidates using a proactive method and approach together with filtering of candidates who were on the table. The placement process included in-depth interviews and unique testing, a comprehensive examination of the history of the candidate and thereafter close support during the many interviews for the Israeli team and the team in San Francisco.


The company searched for very defined and specific DNA which is very difficult to find which taking into account the structure and appropriate dynamic of the team of managers and middle managers – a complex and very difficult task, in particular in a small and competitive market such as Israel. Within four months the company recruited some 15 key people who are working and functioning pursuant to the brief, creating a team of excellence, which was chosen several months later to lead the launch for another five markets outside of Israel.


Some of the staff are already functioning as team leaders throughout Europe and are involved in global projects which testify as to their uniqueness and quality. The relationship with Amir and his team was one of the main factors that helped the company cast its stable foundations at peak speed and create a special human tapestry.

Assaf Snir, CEO Juul, Israel

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