For the past 20 years we have been identifying and assessing managers and professionals, and enable organizations to accurately recruit their key figures. Our deep connection with the CEO, human resources and the recruiting managers, both on professional and personal levels, allows us to understand the DNA of the organization and effectively and quickly identify the suitable candidates. While using a joint interview model and innovative assessment tools that we have developed we make it possible for our customers to identify, together with us, the suitable candidate.

Placements for Senior Managers

In the past 20 years we have recruited for our customers, senior managers and entire management teams. We are partners in putting together top quality human assets, which provide the organization with a business advantage. Our method of identification is unique and accurate and is based on a deep acquaintance with and understanding of the character of the organization and the characteristics of the role.

Recruitment of Middle Managers

Accurate recruitment of middle managers firstly requires a close connection with the recruiting manager, who knows the field and can identify what is required from the suitable candidate. Therefore we make certain to carry out the joint interviews with him in order to hone the profile and identify candidates in the fastest and most effective way possible. The joint work, combined with our innovative assessment tools, allow accurate identification of the most suitable candidate.

Accuracy in Assessment and Smart Placement

We offer diagnostic tools for assessment and analysis of candidates for a range of positions, starting from discrete and complex management positions, through middle management positions and finally for professional positions.

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