In the past 20 years we have recruited senior managers and entire management teams for company chairmen and CEOs. We are partners in the development of to quality human assets, which provides a business advantage for our clients. Our identification is based on a deep-seated understanding of the DNA of the organization and the position, combined with joint interviews and unique assessment tools, which create smart and accurate placement 

Our uniqueness

Our uniqueness is our ability to reach the relevant candidate in the most accurate and discrete fashion, and to use our assessment ability and our organizational consultations in order to ascertain that the placement process is accurate.


Identification of the relevant managers is active, discrete, with smart use of social networks and contact networks that we have developed for placement and assessment over the past 20 years.

Sharing of knowledge with the client in the placement process provides significant additional value. Therefore, after we have identified the relevant list of candidates, we will carry out joint interviews together with the recruiting manager. This stage is critical for us to learn what is required and our professional consultancy, which hones the profile and makes the choice of the manager accurate.

At the end of the placement process for senior managers a personal and discrete assessment is carried out for the candidate for the managerial role. During this part, which is administered as a personal interview and also incorporates a unique business simulation, the recruiting manager is also a participant.


The process is inspiring for all the parties. The recruiting manager is granted the privilege “of seeing with his own eyes” the personal and management style of the candidate whereas the recruited manager undergoes a discrete and fair process which quickly connects him with the decision makers.

We cannot publish names in regard to the following information however a not insignificant part of our clients have come to know us as candidates in the process of placement of senior managers....

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